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Europe and the joke of reverse colonialism

Europe is being invaded and I’m laughing. But at the same time I’m weeping(really) because people are suffering and dying to escape from war and persecution. How sad it is to walk through a long, long underwater tunnel to get … Continue reading

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On forgiveness, race fatigue and righteous anger

  In the wake of another senseless incident of racial violence the majority of Americans are sagging their heads in desperation, rubbing their hearts to assuage the pain of a wound that will not heal, saying, “I can’t do this … Continue reading

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Home (My reflections on the present crisis)

          Home “And except those days be shortened there shall be no flesh saved: but for the elect’s sake those days shall be shortened.” Revelations   I am looking for a place to lay down my … Continue reading

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MORAL COURAGE, a book launch on Mother’s Day about war and peace.

Released on Mother’s Day and dedicated to her mother (Jane Reynolds Howard) Moral Courage is the newest novel by independent author Rhea Harmsen. It follows the indie release of The Harvest of Reason (2012), Intermarry (2013), and God Created Women … Continue reading

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Recommended link: One ayatollah’s stand for the Baha’i

Originally posted on Everybody Means Something:
Ayatollah Abdol-Hamid Masoumi-Tehrani There is a very moving piece by Ibrahim Mogra in the Guardian today, which is most appropriate as it is the first day of Ridvan, the most important Bahá’í Festival. I…

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The Black Woman’s Journey, a poem for Black History Month

The Black Woman’s Journey   It’s a dangerous world out there Treat her like a queen Close ranks for protection Treat her like a queen You can’t carry her bags Even though she’s a queen She must tote the weary … Continue reading

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MLK Poetry Tribute – Race in America: Journey of the black male

MLK Poetry Tribute – Race in America Journey of the Black Male   Have you ever seen a black man walk straight? Not shucking nor jiving, not strutting – but straight! It’s a long time coming, this regal gait Takes … Continue reading

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Linda Tirado explained poverty in a way that you can feel it I’ve seen poverty up close. I have friends that are desperately poor. I’ve tried to write about this and tell their story because it makes me hopping mad … Continue reading

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BOOK LAUNCH AGAIN! GOD CREATED WOMEN, the new release from Rhea Harmsen is the novel that debunks the myth that women were born to suffer

A few weeks ago I asked my readers for help in naming my new novel. This plea went out over wordpress and facebook and many of you responded with truly excellent feedback. So, you might be surprised to find that … Continue reading

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Book Launch: INTERMARRY, Rhea Harmsen’s new novel promises, “The conversation on race has begun.”

INTERMARRY a new novel by Rhea Harmsen A strange menagerie in an unlikely setting. Jack Wolinski, a young white architect with a crazy scheme and some maxed-out credit cards. Fiona Reed, a young woman with the brass of a CEO … Continue reading

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