The Harvest of Reason an ebook by Rhea Harmsen

Once heard Halle Berry say on Oprah there weren’t enough good scripts for black women actors so I wrote The Harvest of Reason. The first 150 pages are free. Enjoy.

About rheaharmsen

Rhea Harmsen is a scientist, novelist and author of Language of the Spirit, a volume of selected poems. She has also released three novels, The Harvest of Reason, Intermarry, and God Created Women. Harmsen was born in a family with a black father and a white mother at a time when interracial marriage was still illegal in some states. Her parents gave her a vision of world citizenship that informs her writing and her lifestyle and has caused her to reject traditional views of race and gender. Harmsen's article "Science in the Hands of Women: Present Barriers, Future Promise" appeared in World Order in 1998 and provides the foundation for the story line for her novel The Harvest of Reason. She co-published the Monroeville Race Unity Forum Bulletin and authored many poems on racial topics, crystallizing the "conversation on race" in the novel Intermarry. Her work with domestic violence survivors in Puerto Rico inspired the novel God Created Women. Harmsen holds a doctorate in Plant Breeding and Plant Genetics from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She currently resides in Puerto Rico. Upcomming projects are described in her web page at
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3 Responses to The Harvest of Reason an ebook by Rhea Harmsen

  1. Christopher Dyson says:

    So eloquent and well-spoken,Rhea. Race has remained the proverbial elephant-in-the room in our country and it has taken me a lifetime to really understand and grasp what is the legacy of our bitter civil war some 150 years ago. In Buffalo here,little has changed since the days I experienced racial taunts and violence at a white neighborhood high school and we still live in segregated communities;the city bisected north-south by Main Street (the west side affluent,the east impoverished)and divided further by ill-planned early-1970s projects like building the university and football stadium in the suburbs and by not extending the metro rail beyond the city limits. Instead of getting to know and respecting oneanother,we(I use the generic term) cloister in our own communities,getting all our information from the media and from heresay. That fosters a climate of suspicion,misunderstanding and, inevitably,hatred. I too think that interracial marriage and offspring is the only way to bring down the divisive artificial walls that had been up for centuries. Not hiding behind p.c. rhetoric but providing real insights and solutions… To wrap this up,I loved “The Harvest of Reason” and think that you,the byproduct of blessed muliculturalism,are just the right person to author it. Peace and rays of Light, Christopher Dyson

    • rheaharmsen says:

      Wow! Talk about eloquent. You just painted a painfull picture of an entire city and its history in one paragraph. I hope you’re blogging because you raise a lot of issues that can be explored further. How can your town, or “AnytownUSA” start to break down these barriers of suspicion and misunderstanding? There are good people trapped on both sides of that divide, longing to create a world that is less scary. Keep up the good work Chris. Peace.

  2. rheaharmsen says:

    Want an ebook from the Kindle Store but don’t have a Kindle? No problem. Kindle for PC (free).

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