Soon to launch – MORAL COURAGE

It is always a great feeling when you make progress on a novel. So I thought I’d share that feeling. Here’s the synopsis for Moral Courage, a novel I’ve been writing for many years (along with my other five novels). And it’s very close. I’m including the mind map (love those aps) I’m now using to keep track of my process.

Synopsis- Moral Courage
By Rhea Harmsen

East meets West in this story of two quintessential twenty first century women. The American: Debbie Armbruster, a Special Ops captain of a platoon of buff, cocky, fire eating Rangers infiltrating Afghanistan in the dead of night. She’s razor sharp, confident and stoic. The mission: Long Range Recon operations in a war intended to bring down the Taliban by air power alone. The Afghan: Fataneh, a village girl living in the dark ages but determined to win her freedom and her country’s liberation. They are thrown together in a time of great danger and crisis. Complicate matters by introducing Shawn McNeil, second in command—a scrumptious, oh baby please save me, modern chauvinist. A former football hero, now a tough, disciplined lieutenant whose heart’s in trouble. Immersed in horrible atrocities, friendly fire and collateral damage, they must forge a bond that tests their leadership, reveals their moral courage, and allows them to survive.

mind map moral courage


About rheaharmsen

Rhea Harmsen is a scientist, novelist and author of Language of the Spirit, a volume of selected poems. She has also released three novels, The Harvest of Reason, Intermarry, and God Created Women. Harmsen was born in a family with a black father and a white mother at a time when interracial marriage was still illegal in some states. Her parents gave her a vision of world citizenship that informs her writing and her lifestyle and has caused her to reject traditional views of race and gender. Harmsen's article "Science in the Hands of Women: Present Barriers, Future Promise" appeared in World Order in 1998 and provides the foundation for the story line for her novel The Harvest of Reason. She co-published the Monroeville Race Unity Forum Bulletin and authored many poems on racial topics, crystallizing the "conversation on race" in the novel Intermarry. Her work with domestic violence survivors in Puerto Rico inspired the novel God Created Women. Harmsen holds a doctorate in Plant Breeding and Plant Genetics from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She currently resides in Puerto Rico. Upcomming projects are described in her web page at
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